Suggestions for GPS tracking App?


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Feb 26, 2010
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I have a Motorola Droid. I am going to Disneyland on Sunday and competing in a kind of race type game. I am hoping for an app that I can run with my phone in my bag for 6 hours that will track my path and I can later see total miles walked, how much I retraced my steps, etc. I know even getting the battery to last 6 hours with GPS running will be a challenge. Any ideas?

I have My Tracks but that seems more for checking your stats as you walk/run/whatever. My phone will be away in my bag as phones are not allowed out during the game. I just want to check it after, if the battery makes it.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. dancedroid
You'd probably be lucky to get 2-3 hours on GPS. Try any number of programs that are designed for running like runstar or cardiotrainer
I used SportsTracker to track myself while I skiied. It did a great job of recording my tracks and lasted for atleast an hour without significantly draining the battery. However, if you have any hopes of the droid lasting 6 hours you'll need some type of external battery powered phone charger like Emergency Power Packs

SportsTracker recorded my path, altitude, graphed my speed, and allowed playback of my tracks.
My Tracks will do it. You can extend battery life by putting it in airplane mode after getting satellite lock. I'd verify that it is recording a track before you put it away. Also, your body (which is largely water) and metal will block GPS signals. Generally speaking, the higher you can get it on your body, the better.

Or maybe you can borrow a dedicated handheld GPS from someone.
I've had great results with My Tracks doing the same thing in various races (running) with the phone in my pocket. I don't usually check it until after the race is over so it would work for your purposes (makes a neat map of your route).
As for using the battery, I've also had good results. I've had My Tracks running along with MP3s and a Bluetooth headset for 2+ hours with power to spare (how much power, I admittedly don't remember, but not close to 0). The key seems to be in keeping the screen off.
Another suggestion is Hi-HikerPro (free on the market) it does tracking and you can set-up the update interval to prevent too much battery drain, plus includes a pedometer along with other goodies.