Sudden Shutdown - Soft Brick Until Power Applied


Oct 4, 2011
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OK, this is a wierd one and cannot be replicated. My Bionic is rooted and the only reason I even did that was for better power managment and Titanium Backup. I haven't dumped any bloatware yet, either.

Since I've owned the device, it has occasionally experienced a sudden shutdown/crash whereas it will not come back on normally. Even after a battery pull, the only way it would come back to life is by plugging in the power cord and performing a normal power up. When this first happended, I thought the battery was depleted. However, that is not the case. It suddely shuts off with 90% battery life.

What's particularly irksome is if I'm out and about, without a handy charger to return it to life, the thing is a useless brick. Anyone else experience this phenomena?