Streaming Music via Bluetooth


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Mar 23, 2010
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I am streaming music from my Droid to my computer using Bluetooth. While doing that, incoming calls are auto answered. Is there a way to turn off auto answer? Thanks.
Your streaming music from your Droid to your comp... How?
I ask cause I'd like to do the same thing but not sure how to do it. I'd like to do it for my car HU as well. Thanks. Sorry can't help you with your question. But here is a bump.
I think somewhere, either your computer or bluetooth device (setting might show up on Droid, not sure where), there should be an auto-answer feature you need to disable.

But other than streaming pandora to a computer not connected to the internet, I really don't know why you are doing what you are doing. Your computer HD should be huge and easily have the space for a few gigs of music. And with an internet connection, I just listen to Pandora directly on the computer.

Not sure about battery life, but rather than stream music from your phone you might try a tether and then play pandora or whatever directly from the internet over your computer. Seems like that might use more juice, but I don't know.
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I am streaming Pandora. This is my work computer so streaming directly on the computer is not an option.