strange wireless DroidX flaw


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Aug 2, 2010
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Came across this over the last few days with my DroidX and my laptop on a wifi connection through my home network.

droidX: normal 3G connection, no wifi connection, no 3G hotspot enabled, nothing of that sort.
laptop: Asus gaming laptop, connected to home network through wireless.

situation: i have WMP streaming The Office to my laptop. any incoming text/email/phone call from my DroidX will effectively split my wifi connection to my laptop. in a text, it disconnects for about 5 seconds, same with email, but for a phonecall it splits it until the call is ended.
this is how i know it is my phone and not a random occurrence of nature. it has to be some of the new technology in the X, because my original Droid never did this. im thinking it has to do with the 3G hotspot technology or researching to see if they upgraded their wireless chips from the two models.