stolen droid 2


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Jan 3, 2011
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i'm pretty sure my droid 2 was stolen about 3 days ago. i called verizon to get it suspended, i activated my old phone, and there is still a lock on my phone so that no one can activate it. i was wondering if there is any possible way i can track it. i was told i needed to have an app on my phone in order to track it....well unfortunately i didn't have the app downloaded on it before it got stolen. was wondering if anyone had similar cases, or any suggestions. thanx! :)
I've seen posts that were pretty awesome. One person managed to have the gps located and the cops got it back for him. But without a locator service I really don't know what to tell you.

I hate thieves, they will sell it on Craig's List to some unsuspecting person only to find a bad ESA. How did they steal it from you?
the cops were actually notified.verizon told me even tho i can't track it, if the cops call verizon they should be able to track it. (not sure why i just can't have it tracked tho if they can do it anyway.) i'm hoping they can track it. luckily i had insurance on it tho.
not sure exactly how they stole it from me. i was at my house, we had a few ppl over...someone invited a person i had never met. i thought i just misplaced it, but the next day i checked the usage and saw it was powered on b/c i got 8 messages all at once. so...that's how i knew it was stolen.
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