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Nov 29, 2010
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I am stuck using the stock music player because the lag on the lock screens for others that I've tried(winamp and poweramp) annoy to the point that I ignore the fact that the stock player is inferior in EVERY other aspect.

That said, has there been any sort of hinting toward potential updates on the stock player? At the moment I can't seem to create/use playlists in any sensible way with this, also browsing via artists/albums justs seems to be handled in the worst possible ways.

EDIT: Also, is there a way to make a song appear under multiple artists? Speaking of collaborations and such so that if I feel like listening to all of my Jay-z songs, my Jay-Z feat blah songs won't get excluded, and when I want to listen to all of my blah songs, those same ones will be counted.
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You have tried poweramp? Since I have started using it I would say hands down the best.

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You have tried poweramp? Since I have started using it I would say hands down the best.

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Did you find a way to skip the lock screen lag? Because poweramp was my favorite of the 2, and the controls seemed to pop up immediately SOMETIMES, but irregularities like that drive me insane for some reason.

Gingerbread is the system update right? I will look that up now...

EDIT: Well I found what i think you were referring to, but now I suppose I need to google "installing apks"... Is that Application Programming Kit?
EDIT:: Damn, there's a rooting requirement according to
Suppose I will relook into doing that...actually is there an official release date yet for this?
EDIT::: Well "Google shows off Android 3.0, the 'Entirely for Tablet' Honeycomb (video)" does not sound very promising...
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I saw it a couple weeks ago on this forum, the app had been compeltely redone and looked like it was themed red if I recall, I didn't download it but someone in the thread did and said it wasn't buggy, the open source is out for gingerbread so you'll see a lot of gb stuff poppin up, but no official release date yet

My default player works without issues which is what i am currently using while my amp is down.
Have you checked to see if maybe something is eating up system resources? If all else fails, I would probably say the best thing to do is back up your apps, and do a master reset.
You could try the Double Twist app. I use it. I am not sure what you mean by lock screen lag, but if it is what I think it is, there is an app Battery Indicator that has an option to disable the lock screen, If I am listening to music, with the screen off, I can hit the power button, and then go directly into the music app.