Stock Gmail App should have Pinch to Zoom In/Out


Dec 24, 2009
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I really like the updated gmail app, but it is missing the pinch zoom in/out for html emails. Being able to zoom out and either double tap or zoom in to a specific point in the email would be great.

Also I know its a security feature, but having to click "show pictures" each time to view full html emails gets old. The stock gmail app should function just like the gmail web client, whereas once you click "show pictures" it should remember that specific address for future html emails and automatically download the full email!
I read in many forums about the inability to pinch-zoom in GMail app in my Dorid X.
Then, as I was ready to learn to live without it, I got my wife a Samsung Fascinate and saw her pinching in and out in her GMail. The pinch-zoom works beautifully on the Fascinate.
Yesterday, I installed the OTA updates fro both Droid X and Fascinate; the DX got Android 2.2 but the Fascinate got 2.1-update 1.

After the update, here are the differences I noticed so far:
1. The DX screen can now rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise (from portrait to landscape).
2. The new GMail header; when you scroll down while read an email. And the 4 bottom action (Archive | Delete | < | > )
3. A new Battery Manager in the System Settings.

I don't see any difference on the Fascinate. My observation is based on only my 3 weeks familiarity with the DX and a week with the Fascinate. With the larger-than-my-comfortable-grip on the DX I am returning it and getting an Incredible.