Stock gallery clean up??


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Dec 15, 2009
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After adding various media to my SD card (mp3 albums each with a folder.jpg album art file, photos taken using the phone, mp4 videos, wallpapers), my Gallery is very messy.

In attempts to organize it, Gallery has created several folders called:
- Camera pictures
- Camera media (which actually contains all the exact items as Camera pictures)
- All pictures
- All videos
- Life & Times of Tim (I've got a folder called that with several episodes in it)
- video
- Green Day - American Idiot
- Postal Service
- Wallpapers

A) I want to keep it very clean and tidy (OCD kicks in!), so I'd just like to show some folders more like:
- Pictures
- Videos (ideally with a subfolder of Life and Times of Tim)
- Wallpapers
Is this possible at all??

B) Why did these folders for two of my mp3 albums appear on here?? It's only those two, despite having about 30 other albums (with folder.jpg album arts in all of them) on the SD card, too. Very annoying!

Right now my file structures related to these things on my SD card are...

sdcard/media/videos/life & times of tim
sdcard/media/videos/(all single file videos)

And for extra credit: Anyone know why just ONE of my album art files is not showing up in the media player when browsing albums??