Stock email application - no text in the body!


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Nov 13, 2011
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98% happy with my Razr so far! Just ran into a problem with the email app. I sent a message to a friend using my hotmail account and my Razr. She responded by asking 'what's wrong', as no text was displaying in the body of the message. I then used my phone to forward the email to my Gmail account - and the text from HER message didn't display when I checked Gmail on my computer. I removed and re-added the Hotmail account, but the same thing happened again. Incoming email is perfectly fine - it's just email that's originating from my phone that isn't including the text for some reason. Anybody having any similar isses?
I am having similar issue. I have 3 email accounts and this problem only happens with Hotmail.

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Same problem but with an aol/netscape account. Lol, and don't make fun of me for that old thing. It is my junk mail account. I might phase it out one day. Might.
Got this from another forum and it fixed my problem.

You should check out this app:

It will keep your mail on your phone and in your Hotmail inbox synced up. It sounds like you setup with the basic POP3 setup on the phone, which just downloads it from the servers and doesn't sync up.

edit: it's the official app from Microsoft

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