Starting from scratch...??


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Dec 24, 2009
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First, let me say thank for the effort you and everyone put into this. I'm one of those types that 'tries' to keep up with you and is only partially successful. Really, you folks are very cool.

I'm thinking of starting from scratch and running Sapphire 1.o on my Droid 1.

Previously, I had a rooted 2.2 froyo release using CyanogenMod and ROM Manager. I took the plung and installed the recent FRG01B recognizing that I'd loose my root access. All of this was before I new about the Sapphire ROMs.

Currently, ROM Manager isn't working (probably because I lost root). Recovery isn't setup like before... ah, doesn't work. SO things are a mess regarding all that. The phone is working fine, but under a non-rooted state.

So, I miss the root! (What can I say?)

Before re-educating myself on how to root the Droid (because I've completely forgotten since it's been so long)... I wanted to ask your opinion on the most efficient EASIEST way to go about this:

I wish to:
-root the Droid
-runn Sapphire 1.0
-not lose my data (if possible) I have loads of backups.

To achieve this should I go to v2.01, then 2.1, then root, then Sapphire? Or is there a shorter way?

I'm not familiar with which recovery is better, etc. For me maximum perfomance while being stable is very important.

Again, Thanks for you help!!!!

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