Starting download and that's it on Droid bionic android market


Dec 16, 2010
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When I try and download something in the android market it says starting download and stays at starting download, ,untilled I go into applications and clear data and then I can go back in and get a couple sucessfull downloads and then it will start to do it again untilled I clear data again, ,,I've got a stock new bionic and I'm not really having all the problems I'm reading about except this minor issue as of rite now but who knows what might go wrong tomorrow but does anyone have the answered to my starting download issue please help
sent from my stock bionic untill cm7 hits
I haven't had this issue with my Bionic, but I did have it with my rooted/rommed D1. If I recall correctly, I fixed it by hitting the Uninstall Updates button.

Good luck.