Sprint's Galaxy S5 Android Lollipop Build LEAKED!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Lollipop has to be the fastest adopted major Google update ever! It seems like OEMs have finally gotten a handle on this whole update process. The Galaxy S5 for sprint is closer than ever to receiving the OTA update of Lollipop. The build has actually been leaked and you can install it now! The leaked build is flashable via ODIN. It appears that all of the major functions of this rom are working just fine such as SMS, calling, data, and pretty much anything you would need to work for your phone to be functional. This hasn't been extensively tested so it is uncertain as to whether or not you can rely on this as a daily driver, but it should be stable enough to play around with. It should be noted that this is a leak and is not the official build, as such this is more than likely not the final build and there are possibly some bugs. Grab the flashable Odin zip for you Sprint Galaxy S5 from the link below.

via XDA