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Aug 3, 2010
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Sorry if this a repeat question. I looked all over and cant find an answer. Did they do away with the speech to text feature on 2.2? I know everyone loves swype. And for the most part so do I. But im a dairy farmer and you can imagine what my screen looks like at the end of the day. Im currently running shadowROM 0.2.1on the d1. Yes, farmers root their phones too. Thanks in advance.
check this within the setting to make sure the microphone and speech to text is enabled on your phone.

menu > language and keyboard > android keyboard > voice input

make sure the bubble next to "On Main Keyboard" is checked.
He mentione swype and I also noticed on the swype keyboard there is no speech icon. I think that's what he means and I have the same question, is it possible to have speech to text using the swype keyboard?
A different issue

Thanks for the response garrett. Im familiar with the settings menu. My problem is that my voice imput disappeared altogether. I downloaded gimpters htcIME mod through Droid Life and when I go into the settings for that imput method there is a secondary voice imput option. But not the primary. Unfortunately the secondary voice imput method doesnt work 24/7. Well I have not been able to get it to work at all, but it states that it doesnt work 24/7.
And I agree with superglen99 if swype had voice imput it would be the best keyboard out there.
Google Voice Search

I downloaded google voice search and that brought back the voice input option for the android keyboard. I don't think this is the voice input I originally had. But it works and that's all I care about.
google voice search is an update to the original voice search, and has become a separate app in the market. It's what you want, and it includes the new voice commands like sending a text.