Sound Fly bluetooth, hand free calls work fine but can't stream music via bluetooth


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Nov 23, 2010
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I purchased a Satechi Sound fly view Bluetooth fmtransmitter, for hands free calls and for streaming music. I am having aproblem streaming music from the phone to the Sound fly Bluetooth, the phonecalls work perfect, ring through the speakers in the car and I am even able touse voice command to make calls. But when I try to stream music either from thestored songs I have in the phone, or if I try to stream music from an Internetradio station it will only play for about 1 second. I have unpaired paired thedevices several times, it pairs fine, but it will not play streaming music. Ialso downloaded and app, that I thought might correct my problem, called A2DPVolume, after I installed the app, it does the same thing. I am not sure ofwhat else to look for or what else to try.

If anyone might have any suggestion I would greatlyappreciated it.