Sony Xperia Z5 Video Leaks and is Quickly Pulled; We Still Have Some Screencaps


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Dec 30, 2010
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It looks like the hot new leak crazy train is still forging ahead this morning! There was a new Sony Xperia Z5 video which leaked online recently, but is has since been pulled. Despite that, some still shot images were gathered for the device. Here they are in a compilation shot (shown in the thread below).

The most notable thing that this video revealed before it was yanked was that the device will supposedly have a 4K display. We have heard rumblings about that previously, but didn't put too much stock in them. The was also talk that this device will not be the base model Xperia Z5, but instead will be a more Premium/higher-end version.

What do you folks think? Isn't a 4K (2160x3840 resolution) complete overkill on a 5.2-inch screen? Either way, at least Sony is trying to push the envelope again. They really need to get a solid hit with a smartphone to avoid their mobile division crumbling into obscurity.

Here's our Sony Xperia Z5 section for further discussion: Sony Xperia Z5 | Android Forum at

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Here are those additional Sony Xperia Z5 images:

4K on a 5.2" screen is overkill but having options is good. I would take the base model one.

Thanks @dgstorm! I love the leaked images!
My question is simce it's graphics processor is pushing 4k to its own screen would it be able to push 4k to my tv through hdmi fluidly without any issues? If so then it will definitely be a device i am interested in.