Sony Will Be Cutting 1000 Jobs From Mobile Division


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Dec 30, 2010
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If you were skeptical about how bad things are at Sony's Mobile Division, today's news might erase that skepticism. Sony will soon announce that they will be cutting 1000 jobs from their mobile division this year. This cut is actually part of a larger plan to cut a total of 5000 jobs by March of fiscal year 2016. Previously, Sony already cut 1000 jobs back in October of last year.

The official announcement will happen on February 4th when Sony reports its earnings for the period covering April through December. Along with this news, earlier reports indicating that Sony will be delaying the launch of their Xperia Z4 smartphone were corroborated by the source.

Things are looking bleak for the embattled Japanese megacorp.

Source: Reuters
Well...At least they're trying to stay afloat and ahead of their own decline. Guess that's better than just folding up shop altogether and leaving more people high and dry...
Wait you mean that $1000 Walkman running the most stable version of Android 4.2 shown off at ces didn't build investor confidence?

Sony could end up doing what HTC did when they were in the hole by releasing one phone with different operating systems (Windows and Android). The smartphone market has reached its peak. The market is saturated and the gap between high end and low end is shrinking as far as noticeable difference. Quad HD, 3 gigs of ram, 32-64gb of storage are all nice but needed eh. We are seeing low end phones perform at levels that are more than acceptable for everyday use. Does it perform like a Ferrari, no but a corolla is not a bad car as well.