Sony Mobile's President Shoots Down Claims of Sony Mobile Division Sell-off


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Dec 30, 2010
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For a few weeks we have heard rumors and even quotes from Sony executives that Sony is considering merging or selling off their mobile division. These rumors came from reputable sources, and Sony's own CEO even hinted at it by saying, “Without drastic reforms such as joint ventures or alliances, [Sony’s mobile and TV businesses] will be in the red three years from now.”

Apparently, his statements were blown out of proportion or there are some dissenting opinions from within the company. Sony's Mobile Division president, Hiroki Totoki, recently flatly refuted that Sony intends to sell their mobile division. He said,

At the beginning of February there was speculation about a sale of Sony Mobile. It’s completely untrue.

Totoki added that the mobile divisions product portfolio was simply too diverse and needs to be refocused. What do you guys think? Could Sony turn things around? HTC seems to have done a good job of climbing out of the pit they were in in 2012 and 2013.

Source: Reuters