Someone does not like Google's Tone


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May 16, 2012
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I hope that everyone will forgive the pun, but I could not help myself.

A few days ago, Google published a new chrome extension. Google Tone. The idea being that with this extension, you could have computer A broadcast a tone, and send the URL of a website to the computers that 'hear' said tone (and have the extension installed, and active) will be taken to that website. Hmmm... maybe we should end every video with the Droidforums tone...

the demo video, mirrored by another YouTuber

But that is not the interesting part of the story. Where it gets fun is what happened later: a man named Jon Paukune apparently filed a copyright claim on the video, and the video is currently down because of that copyright claim. Details are still a bit sparse, so it is unclear what the claim is based on.


As someone who has had multiple copyright claims on their own work, I have often thought that the automated system that Google, and therefore YouTube, uses for content strikes has often been a bit harsh. As you may know, the claims can be made by anyone, without any need to backup the claim, and it is up to you, the accused, to prove your innocence if a copyright claim is ever filed. Its a very good thing that I can easily prove ownership of my hands and voice, but some things are not always as straight-forward.

Perhaps it is the holiday weekend that has this video down for so long, or maybe even it is a legitimate copyright claim. But I can only hope that an event like this might spur some positive change in Google's copyright policies.