Google Voice Search 'Faster' than Siri in Video Comparison


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Dec 30, 2010
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Of course you knew that someone would post a video comparing Apple's Siri to Google's Voice Search from Jelly Bean right? Here it is above. I am sure this will simply be the first of many, yet is still entertaining (if not scientific) nonetheless. Apparently, Google's Voice Search is just a little bit faster than Siri. Also, (and this is subjective), it seems that Google's version seems more natural in tone than Siri.

What do you guys think?

Source: via TechnoBuffalo
This is so much more appealing to me than S-Voice on the S3. It seemed faster and more of the kinds of things I would ask it. I think JB beat Siri because Siri has to relay the info back to Apple's servers, their servers gets the answer and sends it back to Siri. JB looks like it is all done on the phone so there is no delay like Siri has. That being said, good, it should be done like that. I can't even imagine the info Apple stores from what people are saying into Siri.
Android is the clear cut winner here, and that's pretty damn cool. Can't wait to (eventually) get my hands on this feature.
Although Siri displays things like sports info nicer, you gotta love the minimalistic feel that Voice Search uses.

I like that Voice Search responds differently to each question rather than Siri's "OK, blah blah blah"
There is no subjectivity around the quality of the voice in Google vs. Siri. Siri sounds almost identical to the crappy voice you get in Gingerbread Google Maps when you're doing turn-by-turn. With the Jelly Bean robo-voice, you can sometimes forget you're hearing voice synthesis. It's really, really good. An whether Google improves its speed by caching or making the app local or by installing a flux capacitor, it doesn't matter. Results sell, not technology. Two of the three areas of concern in a talking phone, voice quality and speed, are won hands-down by Google. I've seen articles as well stating that it has better accuracy, but I'll remain skeptical about that until I've seen it confirmed a few times.
As much as I dislike Apple, I think the more important question is which one consistently gives a more accurate answer? I haven't watched the video, but from the sounds of it, we are talking a mere 2 or 3 seconds. Unless my life depends on it, I can wait 2 or 3 extra seconds.