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Jan 5, 2011
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Arlington, VA
Thanks for the link Pete!
I thought the Caller ID screening sounded pretty cool:

"HTC Caller ID shows your friend's latest status update from social networks like Facebook or Twitter right on the call screen, when you make a call to him/her.. You'll see a birthday reminder, if your friend's birthday will occur sometime within the next seven days. You can also set up a conference call."

I'm also interested in the People app:

"With the People app, you can sync your phone with contacts from your Google Account, computer, and Facebook...You can manage your communications with your contacts via phone, messaging, and email without the need to jump from one app to another. After you've linked contacts to their social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, you'll also see their updates and events from these accounts all in one place. You can put your contacts into groups such as friends or business. When you tap a contact on the People screen, the contact details screen opens, showing you the information stored for that contact, exchanged messages and phone calls with that contact, updates and events from social networks, and more."

And these cool features:
-Create slide shows for multimedia messages
-Auto-speaker function (flip phone over during a call)
-Internet Pass-Through (connect to internet through computer if out of network range)
-Built-in zoom, crop, and edit for the camera

I haven't had a chance to go through the manual yet, but I bet there's plenty of other cool stuff in there too!


Nov 2, 2010
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Good read, actually told me some things I didn't know for once.