Some DX ROM input please.


Oct 10, 2010
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I have a D2 and my wife has a DX. I have the DX rooted and is running Liberty 1.0, I'd like to run a different ROM on it but am hesitant to since I don't use the phone at all. Our schedules are completely opposite and I would have no time to trouble shoot and fix the phone if it had any issues.Much less flash ROMs and test them out for myself.

Could those of you that have experience with different DX ROMs recommend something? Something stable and smooth as possible would be perfect, again since my wife will be the only one with the DX I want to run something with little or no bugs.
My DX loves apex 1.4 and most if not all of the themes for liberty are available for Apex. In my opinion it runs smooth and for my DX has awesome battery life.

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Rubix has amazing battery life without having to tweak much, runs great too. Tranquility was a complete mess for me, roms run different on every phone though so it really technically becomes preference, if your wife enjoyed liberty 1.0, there's a 1.5 out, maybe you can give that a go.

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I found liberty 1.5 chewed through my battery quick like. They are testing a battery fix for the next version though.

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Apex is an excellent rom thats stable and has aosp and blur elements for a best of both worlds feel.
Cool stuff, keep them coming everyone.

The reason for the change is actually because the in call volume is terrible right now. I can't say it is because of Liberty 1.0, but it is the only ROM I have installed since the purchase. So for now 1.0 and 1.5 aren't an option. Same goes for my D2 but I have another thread for that discussion.

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I've used Apex 1.3 and found it to be pretty good, I tried Fission and did not like it, it seemed to be very unstable and I kept getting Force Close errors and reboots for no reason. I've been running DarkSlide ROM for the last few months, since I found DS41 and I think it is the smoothest one I've tried. It is stable and offers pretty fair battery life. It also comes in two flavors, Blur and Blurless (with a touch of blur). I've run both versions and I honestly can't tell the difference other than I had to make a couple of APK changes to get the corporate sync to work with my work OWA and Hotmail.
apex is just great IMO....liberty has always had issues on my phone but apex works every the battery life is so much better.

oh and the ROMs for the D2 and DX are basically the same. so anything you try out on your phone, you can most likely expect the same thing on the DX.
Rubix for me with Black Juice theme. Sitting at 80% battery level after being unplugged for almost 12 hours. I didn't like the Gallery on the "stock" Rubix but it is fine on Black Juice. Very happy with the ROM and theme.