Some All New Features Included In Latest Cm12.1 Updates


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Oct 6, 2011
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As the stable builds of Cm11 and Cm12 arrive Cyanogen turns its focus on perfecting their version of Android 5.1 CM12.1. The latest updates include some all new features which should improve your overall CM experience.

The stock email app has received some major enhancements including the CM implementation of IMAP and exchange accounts. This allows you to configure your synchronization interval which can help improve on battery life. There is the inclusion of custom dynamic notification tiles. This launches a quick tile for whatever app you happen to be using. An example is if you are in a root session a # will appear in your status bar, with the dynamic tiles you can see all apps that currently have root access. Wifi priorities performs an auto configuration of the preferred wifi connection based on signal quality. If you would rather just chose your preferred wifi hotspot you can do that as well.