Sense 7 Theme for Cm12 and Cm12.1 Theme Engine


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Oct 6, 2011
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Out of all the UI's on all the brand new flagships I hate to say that the new Sense 7 has to be one of the fugliest. Touchwiz has always been one of my least favorite mostly because it has always been bloated down with so many features that I will never use, but the latest renditions of Touchwiz on the S6 is pretty clean and looks better than ever. The UX 4.0 on the LG G4 while not my favorite in the world is not really all that bad. Moto Blur is pretty much stock aosp at this point. If you are currently running a CyanogenMod based rom with CM12 or CM12.1 theme chooser you can now actually try out the ugliest of the OEM skins!

The Sense 7 Default theme by theme developer "sargat" will make your homescreen look and feel like a shiny new HTC One M9! Themed elements include system (alarms, app icons, notifications, ringtones, and wallpapers) System UI (lock screen, quick settings, status bar, navigation bar, and power menu), apps (aosp keyboard, browser, calculator, calendar, camera, cell broadcast receiver, contacts, deskclock, dialer, documents, email, gallery, messaging, phone, server telecom, settings, sound recorder, fm radio, cm account, cm eleven, cm file manager, cm lock widget, cm updater, cm audiofx, cm theme chooser), and more! Grab this theme from the link below.

via XDA