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Feb 7, 2011
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Hi all,

I've been working with my new Droid Pro, and am tearing my hair trying to do what should be a very simple thing: Using a one-touch contact quick task to call directly into my work voicemail (not my Verizon voicemail).

This requires a series of soft pauses with various inputs like pounds and passwords and the like. When I dial it from my contacts list, it works fine; when I dial it from my home page contact task, it only dials the number itself, and never runs through the pauses or anything after them.

I'm guessing this is one of those random, "we could do it but we won't" features like turning off the droid sound on startup. If there's no way to make the Motorola widget do what I need it to do, is there an app that I can use to access my contact that way?

Thanks in advance.
Do you have the proper commas and semicolons in the number already? I created a favorites folder and starred the appropriate contacts. Two touches, not quite one. But works very well.
Yes, and the number works correctly when I dial it from the contacts or favorites list...just not as a contact task. Strangely, my verizon voicemail does work that way, but I think that's because the phone handles calls to itself differently by default.

Yeah, I could do the favorites thing, but I'd rather see if I can get it working the way I intended first.
That's strange. I tried to replicated but it dialed correctly each time. Have you tried backing up and doing a factory reset?

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1) how do I do that? and
2) what info do I lose if I do?

ps - to get into the vmailbox, this is a number, pause(s), pound, pauses, box digits, pound, pause, password digits, pound, pauses, one, pause, one

(hence my desire to reduce it all to one touch)
I'm using commas, the number is XXXXXXXXXX,,#,,XXXX#,,XXXX#,,,,,1,1 to get to the inbox (with the Xs being digits).
folks at the verizon store were also at a loss. One girl even had another guy put her number, pound, and pin in his phone and call it (it seems you can always call your OWN verizon voicemail this way, just not other voicemails), and she couldn't get it to work, either.

app suggestions, anyone?
Sorry I have no other ideas on your issue. I recommend LauncherPro. The contact quick tasks dial perfectly with pauses and such. launcher pro, had to buy the pay version in order to add numbers to my contact quick tasks...paid for it, waited the 24 hrs for the activation code. Just put it in and it works (or fails to work) exactly the same as the regular os's contact quick tasks ); a matter of fact, as I've just learned to my dismay, launcher pro breaks all my contact quick tasks every time the phone reboots. Even normal (no pause) phone numbers with two entries (one for calling and one for text) have their quick tasks revert to large icons that only take you to the contact card in the contacts list instead of actually dialing the number.

I think launcher pro will have to go...
That stinks. I'm sorry you're having so many problems with the quick dial. Is there anything else wrong with the device? Maybe there is a limit to number of digits in a quick task contact? All of my quick dial contacts work just fine with pauses and extensions, though I have nothing with as many digits as your vm dial #.

Last resort would be a device swap.
There are no other problems with it. Even when I had two employees at the Verizon store test it with their own devices and a simple voicemail with one pause and a pin, they couldn't get it to work. Are you using a Droid Pro? I didn't think of it until just now (and I took off LP), but are you using the option for the extra row of icons?

I've also found other threads on this forum complaining about my resizing issue, and the conclusion was that it had to do with Launcher Pro and Blur widgets.
Yes, a Droid Pro. I keep the default icons rows - I don't like the squished look. I haven't had any resizing issues, but one issue I do have is that my contact quick tasks on my home screen often drop two of the four tasks. I have them set for home, mobile, sms and email quick task buttons on each contact, but occasionally it will only show the home and mobile quick tasks and sms and email are missing.