Socialcam For Android Now Available In The Android Market


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Oct 11, 2010
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Ever want to just share a video with friends the same way you can with pictures? Socialcam helps you do just that. The app eliminates the need for you to compress a video, reducing its quality or waiting for it to upload to YouTube so you can share the link. Socialcam is brought to us by the popular streaming site, The app is now available for both the iPhone and Android OS and can be downloaded in the Market now. The UI is nice, crisp, clean and streamlined. It was easy to navigate and set up instantly with all of your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can also share your media via SMS or by email. And what would you expect to pay for easy functionality in seamlessly sharing videos? How about the whopping price of nothing? If you’re ready to start sharing all of those videos that have been building up on your SD card with nowhere to go, then head on over to the Android Market for the download.


Socialcam is the easiest way to share videos with friends. It makes sharing video from your phone as simple as uploading photos to Facebook. With a few clicks, you’re able to record, tag, and share videos as well as browse, like, and comment on your friend’s videos.
- Unlimited video length and storage
- Upload video while you are recording for fastest possible upload
- Record video offline and it uploads later when you have Internet
- Tag your friends in videos
- Instant notification when you are tagged in a video
- Browse, like, and comment on your friend’s videos
- Share videos with Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS