SMSenigma - Take love messages to a new level


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Aug 17, 2012
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Secure all your Sensitive text messages with SMSenigma. This App uses Military grade encryption to convert your messages to random characters. It is virtually impossible to see an SMS without knowing the key.
Designed to keep sensitive data away from prying eyes, SMSenigma is perfect to send any of your credit card data, Social Security number, banking information, Passport number, visa number, Tax information, Credit reports, or passwords over a simple sms.
Thanks to this app you can take love messages to the next level without having to worry that they’ll get intercepted.
SMSenigma isn’t just an enigma machine. It’s also a super safe sms vault. You can lock/unlock any message you want and they would be assessable only through this app, which can be password protected.

1) Send/Receive Military-grade encrypted text messages
2) Lock/Unlock any text message
3) SMS vault to keep text messages always safe.
4) Password protection to use app
5) Export all messages to .csv file
6) Notification when you receive Encrypted message
7) Wonderful interface