SMS/Attachment bug


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Jan 2, 2010
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First off I want to say if it weren't for the fantastic stock speed and amazing picture quality I may have sent this phone back and stuck with my original Droid. So far I haven't been a fan of HTC sense and it's limitations. I feel this phone with no Sense and just pure android would be amazing. Though I have not rooted yet.

Anyway. I have discovered a bug that has happened on 3 separate Thunderbolt phones. I first discovered it after I made a ringtone on Ringdroid and sent it to one of the other phones. When it came in, the phone was held in the portrait position and the slideshow was clicked and it played the file. While the file was playing the phone was turned just enough so that it flipped to landscape mode and the audio started echoing and skipping and even upon exiting the file coninued to play for a second or two longer. This has happened with other mp3 files smalle enough to be send my SMS and not just the 1 file.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or maybe you can test send something to your self and see if your phone does it as well?

p.s. Why does everything show up as a slideshow? Is that just another stupid thing about Sense?