SMS and Unlock Question


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Nov 16, 2009
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Hi All - New here, so forgive me if this has already been addressed....

1) How do I get the status bar to display how many missed SMS messages I have? (I've seen screens of the smiley having a red circle with a # of missed SMS's)

2) Is there a way to tell it not to lock the screen (the slider) when it's connected via USB?

Thanks for your help!
1: That is a functionality of Handcent SMS which can replace the Standard SMS App.
2: I dont think so unless you manually go into settings and tell the screen to always stay on.
If you go into Settings, then Applications, then Development, there is an option in there to Stay Awake, which keeps the screen awake while charging.
Thanks guys!!!

Bam - I downloaded Handcent SMS. I like the notification options. My question though, is there a way to stop the main SMS app from notifying me too? I get 2 notifications for every 1 text message.

Thanks again
Two is not better than one

I also get two notifications for each text. One from the native app and the other from Handcent - anybody out there figure out how to put the Messaging app to sleep? Thanks, Russ
Go into settings and turn off notification.

Menu button is your friend.
Russ - It is the menu settings.... I found this while browsing their site to resolve it:
I just disabled the notification options for the default messaging app as I am far more pleased with the way Handcent handles my messages. =]