smartphones are payback for people with hyperflexible thumbs


Jan 24, 2012
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We with small but hyperflexable thumbs (such that we can hold our thumbnail flat against the back of our wrist with no pain) finally get our payday with smartphones. We had to learn to write with thumb joints that give way and it is PAINFUL for us to handwrite neatly. We get hand cramps in minutes and hold pens and pencils "funny."

Now with mega-sized smartphones, we are the only ones who can write without messing up, if we are so lucky as not to have thumbs either too big or not stretchy enough. And we can reach anywhere on the phone with just one thumb without havinv to shift he phone around in our hands or holding it too tight for comfort, while still enjoying the big screen. Other people eith hyperflexable thumbs, please post your thoughts. Is this an example of the adage "every dog has his day?"
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