Simple Recovery Switcher Allows You To Painlessly Revert Back To Stock Recovery!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Stock Roms are great, but they do require the installation of a custom recovery. Custom recoveries can be useful for all sorts of things like factory resetting your device, backing up your phone, and installing custom mods. The only downside to all of the above is the fact that a custom recovery will block any OTA updates that your carrier releases for your device. Normally when an OTA comes out this means that you would have to flash your device back to stock and find the stock recovery to replace the custom recovery.

This process of readying your device for an OTA update has been made super easy by developer "graffixnyc" who has released his new "Simple Recovery Switcher" app. This was originally created for GPE phones but will work on other phones. You will need to be rooted with busybox installed at the very least. You will need to place both a stock recovery image and a custom recovery image for your device on your internal sdcard. You should name them "stock" and "custom". Them you simply run the app and choose the recovery you want installed. This is also pretty new so keep in mind that their could be bugs. Head to the link below for the download.