Silly Video Shows Off the Worst Way to Make Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Waterproof


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

For many, it was a shock to see Samsung take a backwards step by not releasing the Galaxy S6 and/or S6 Edge with a water-resistant design. The previous generation Galaxy S5 introduced it as a standard feature, so it was easy to expect the same again.

If you are frustrated that your Galaxy S6 is not waterproof, then the above video might alleviate your frustration with a laugh or two, but it will NOT solve your dilemma. In fact, this comedic video is probably the worst way you could go about making the device waterproof... by permanently encasing the device in a thick layer of clear silicone, and then letting it dry.

It's not hard to at least appreciate the humor in the video, and it was surprising to see that the phone actually worked somewhat afterwards.

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Near the end YouTube suggested "how to fix a bent iPhone 6". Both had me laughing :)
unlike the iPhone, most of our Android phones will work from inside a zip-lock bag... That's what I do when I am hanging out near the water, or if I get caught out riding in the rain. I keep a ziplock bag handy and toss the phone in that, and it is still usable.