[SICK][THEME] ICS and BLACK Theme for multiple Roms on GalaxyNexus!


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Oct 6, 2011
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So the Theme Theme continues today! Today I will be featuring another of my favorite themes for the Galaxy Nexus! The ICE and Black theme by developer GSXR750 is super SICK! So whats really incredible about this theme is that GSXR has somehow managed to find time to actually put this together even though he has a wedding coming up, and he hasn't been killed by his fiance! I think that in and of itself is pretty impressive :) This Theme has been built to work with several roms including CodeNameAndroid, Rootzboat, and AOKP, with support for BuglessBeast and Liquid coming soon.

This theme is pretty sweet. It is all blacked out with blue accents. There are tons of themed elements here such as themed softkeys, themed dial pad, widgets are all transparent black, custom wallpaper, themed popup and submenus transparent black, Settings is all blacked out, T9 dialer added, darker keyboard, inverted mms, inverted google talk, inverted calculator, soft key glow is faster, inverted gmail, inverted gtalk, themed browser, themed lockscreen, contacts and people app inverted, themed app icons, plus a ton more! Oh and if you are wondering "inverted" just means blacked out.

This theme is like slapping on some limo tint to your Rom. It is very unique and will turn heads. There are also custom themed elements that are Rom specific so you will want to read the thread for more info on the rom specific mods.

Grab the theme here and discuss!