Theme Dark S6, S6 Edge No Root


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Oct 6, 2011
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One of the main reasons I decided to start rooting and modding my phones way back when I was rocking the Droid X was for the ability to theme my device. Themes have always been popular in the Android mod community. They have been so popular that OEMs have been adding them to their skin overlays of Android. Both Samsung and HTC have their own theme managers. There is a new theme specifically built for the S6 and S6 Edge that caught my eye.

If you are into Red and Black or if you are an MKBHD fan you are going to love the "Dark S6/Edge" theme. This theme is inverted which means all light and white elements of the rom have been inverted to black or dark. Red and white make up the rest of this theme's color scheme. The theme keeps Google's material design. This theme does not require you to be running a custom rom, and you don't even need to be rooted. Head to the link below for the download link and install instructions.

via XDA