[SICK] [THEME] Green and Glow Gummy v1.2 for GummyNex .7


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Oct 6, 2011
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So in the first month of the Galaxy Nexus' release we have seen tons of development. We now have more than a hand full of super Roms. We have had pretty much every mod that you can think of, but up until the last week or so the one thing that has been lacking is super sick themes. Over the last week or so a few themes have really emerged for this Device. I will be featuring some of them here! The first on my list is built for GummyNex and is really slick! Developer Kevin3328 has put together a theme that he is calling "Green and Glow Gummy v1.2"


As you can see this is a really sweet theme. It is kinda like the greened out Tron Theme! This will definitely turn heads and be a friend impresser! A whole slew of items have been themed here including a themed framework which you will notice in menus and what not, system ui is themed, camera, contacts, calculator, settings, mms, phone, keyboard and the launcher have all been themed. All of the corresponding app icons have been themed to match as well! This thing looks super sweet and if you are running GummyNex you will surely want to try this out. Just be sure to nandroid backup in case you decide you want to go back.

Grab this theme here and discuss!