Shooting in Charleston, SC


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Jul 13, 2010
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Hello Fellow DroidForum members,

My Facebook account is full of posts regarding the tragedy that occurred in Charleston, SC, from friends and family, so I didn't feel the need to post yet another soapbox like comment there. I however, felt that since being a member of DroidForums, and there not being many, if any, posts here regarding the subject, I felt compelled to express my outrage among my Android "friends and family" of almost 5 years.

I am sickened and saddened by all the hate that exists in this country regarding race and/or color. This nation is a nation of former immigrants and enslaved people, who are now citizens of United States of America. We share a common heritage that breeded from hate of people of color, the Natives of this country, the Chinese who worked here on railroads, the Africans from various western countries who worked in fields building the cotton industry, tobacco, working on railroads, etc, the Irish who came here to start a new life, and build something more from the ground up helping to bring justice and form the bodies of firefighters, the Italians who brought rich culture, and heritage, etc, so forth and so on. So many diverse generations come and gone who have lived and worked in this nation for hundreds of years.

After all this time, living and working together for so long, how could we still be a nation of racism???

This is almost maddening to think about. Why are people still taught to hate those different from themselves? Why aren't people taught to appreciate the differences in others?

Here we have a 21 year old man that hated people so much, that he sat with them in a church, only to execute them after a bible study.

I think about the church burnings that happened in the south. One event that comes to mind is when a church was burned with young girls in it. It almost seems like stuff like this only happens in a person's nightmares and would never really happen, especially in our country, but it did and still does.

I think we need to start thinking about the consequences of turning a blind eye to symbols of hate. The only flags that should be raised in any state government institution is the state flag and the United States of America flag (maybe also a POW flag). Any other flag is not conducive to a country of diversity, and inclusion.

I challenge you to not repeat racist comments no matter who they come from. I challenge you to talk to those in your family who say and do things that mirror a racist culture, and let them know that it is not OK. I challenge everyone to stop, and take a moment to think about recent events that have occurred because someone hated another group because they were different, and move to think "differently".

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Jan 21, 2010
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Well put. I don't get why people can't just be classified as people. There are bad people, good people, and people in between. I'm a big fan of letting someone's actions and/or choice of words make up my mind about whether I like them or not. I couldn't care less how young, old, black, white, purple you are. If you treat me with courtesy and respect, you'll get nothing but the same from me.


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Sep 5, 2010
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Hyphenated America is a weaker America.
It's a very complicated issue to try and resolve once you try to do anything other than forgive. Yeah I've been discriminated against for many reasons other than just my race over the decades and I can either let it stew with the recipe of bitterness and hate and seasoned with sensationalized news stories to flavor the recipe or I can just forgive and sleep like a baby at night after having a day where I had breath in my lungs and clothes on my back.
It's a choice. We do what we do, believe what we believe, say what we say and feel how we feel by choice. Every American will be discriminated against for some reason or other in their lifetime.

Support Our Troops !!!
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Dec 23, 2009
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I wanted to bring it up but I know that many times people turn to mediums like ours to get away from the madness even if it is just for 30sec reading an article about phones, which in the scheme of things do not matter one cent in comparison.
Personally on the topic I feel sad for the victims and their families and anger towards the culprit. To think that his actions would start a race war. We have grown strong as a country, yeah we may have disagreements politically, religious beliefs, or if Apple is better than Android (said for humor) but when it is all said and done our core beliefs are the same. We have grown not to tolerate those who look to commit acts of crime among anyone no matter what their race, religion, sexually, or political alliance.
So those who think that they can perform an act that will cause a war think again as I grow proud that people with those beliefs and ideals are dying off. It is unfortunate we still have the few remaining.