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Jun 28, 2012
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Bring out the habit of sharing the network with your friends with this cooperative app called "WiShare". This app create a network of WiFi connections by allowing your friends to join to your own network and sure your friends would be shocked as they can join without any payable process. WiShare works directly with your phone’s contact list, ensuring that only friends, with an Android phone can be added to your network.

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WiShare’s Key Features:

- Use your Wi-Fi to create a network that is secure and share them with the people you want.
- Securely share your Wi-Fi connection.
- Connect with friends and family via the phone’s contact list.
- WiShare shares a Wi-Fi connect as a Co-op.
- Ability to invite, add and block users.

Note: The contact details and password information is highly secured and it never be shared with anyone.

Check the demo video here>> [video][/video]

Try the app here >>