Severe Wifi and Battery (Android OS) drain issues


Nov 9, 2009
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My friend is having two major problems with his brand new Droid RAZR. One, he cannot seem to connect to wifi properly. We are college students, and my Galaxy Nexus, all laptops, etc, connect to the school wifi perfectly. We will be in an area that has perfect wifi signal, and the Droid RAZR will scan and see the network, and show it having a very strong signal. However, when it tries to connect to the network, if I am in Wifi Settings, I suddenly see the wifi signal strength drop to nothing, and it fails to connect. I've got it to connect before, but only for a few seconds before it lost all signal again and disconnected.

Second, the RAZR has an insanely terrible battery drain, much worse than other users have reported. After 3.5 hours, with about 20 mins screen time on minimum brightness, its down to 25%. When I go into battery usage stats, "Android OS" is draining 60% of the battery. It seems like the phone is never sleeping?

Please please please, any suggestions?