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Feb 11, 2012
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I downloaded some ringtones from an app called Myxer and wanted to set my email accts to them. When I'm in my email accts (AOL and yahoo), and click on menu, email settings, notifications, select ringtone it only pulls up the ones that are already in the phone?!?!?! How do I get the ones I just downloaded on this list?? I've tried everything!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!

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Since you mentioned email, I assume what you need is to have your songs show up as notification tones. The easiest way I know of is to open the app called my files, then look through your sd card and internal storage areas to figure out where the songs were saved. Once you find the song you want to use, long press it and select copy. Then go to the media folder in the internal storage, open it and then open notifications, then press the paste here option. Your song should now show up in your list of notification tones.

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OMG TY So so so so so much! lmao It worked! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! :icon_ lala:dancedroid