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Jul 3, 2011
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So I just upgraded to a Droid4 (yay!) from my trusty old Droid2 last week. I started as would be expected from a phone junkie, by rooting my device and doing a backup via Safestrap. Not quite ready to start flashing ROM's as of yet, (no SBF for D4) but I did, at a bare minimum, need longer battery life and less bloatware. So I froze a bunch of crappy apps, that I found on a list here on, that were safe to freeze. Then followed it up by installing SetCPU.

Now, its been awhile since I last installed SetCPU on my Droid2 (it was free at that point in time) and I saw that the app had undergone a whole bunch of improvements in compatibility, look/feel, and functionality and now cost 2 bucks or w/e to buy. WTH! I thought, may as well support the Dev's. I loved that app to death when I used it on my D2, and it basically helped, alongside the rom I flashed, to triple my battery life (on my D2). So I bought it and toyed with it, read all about the new features on the dev's website and how to use them etc etc. I applied my desired settings to several profiles that were supposed to activate depending on the different situation my phone was in.

It seems that SetCPU is able to increase my processor's minimum running speed, shortening my battery life (which is what I want) when I AM using the phone or its plugged in. However, it does not seem to be able to throttle the processor down when I'M NOT using it (60% of the time) and its asleep in my pocket / nightstand. As you can see from my attached screen-shots, I had hoped that the way I set up the different profiles priorities and activation situations, the time I was using it (30-40%) when it was being pushed to use more CPU capability and be fast, would be outweighed by the time it was asleep (60-70%) and only using the bare minimum CPU speed. My hopes: more average time in stand by with less draw = longer battery life. Sadly, the plan hasent been working. As you can also see from my attached screen-shots, even when I slide the min and max cpu speed bars to both read 300mhz, the CPU speed does not follow suit. I found a pie chart feature in the app that showed average CPU speeds, and it further reinforces my doubt that this app is either working at all, or is configured properly for my D4.

My question comes in three parts. Firstly, has anyone else used SetCPU on their D4 to successfully increase their battery life? What kind of profiles did you setup or use to accomplish this? Secondly, If my suspicions are correct and the app either does not work, or is setup wrong, please feel free to look over the attached screen-shots and my post, and point out any mistakes I have made. Thirdly, and most importantly, has anyone found a reliable way to stretch their D4's battery life without sacrificing the monster performance the hardware can deliver? Suggestions and specifics would be greatly appreciated.

Try running the device selection (press menu key while on the main page) again. Also, I try to stick to using only the on demand governer, Ive noticed having SetCPU try to change governers with profiles causes funny things to happen (on D4, was never a problem on OG Droid).
Sweet, I found out 3 things after I re-ran the device selection option like you recommended. The first is just that. Re-running the device selection option worked in fixing my issue: the lack of effect that SetCPU had on throttling my CPU.

The second is that there is a "set at boot" check box at the bottom of the main screen, and an "enable" button in the the profiles screen. If you use profiles and have the profiles "enabled" box checked, DO NOT check the "set at boot" button on the main screen. For some reason, the "set at boot" check box is essentially an "enable" check box for the default throttling profile that u set on the main screen. When checked, it will override any profiles you have setup, and no matter what priority they are set to.

You were spot on about my third observation, that for whatever reason, using different governors on different profiles causes wacky problems with throttling. Stick with either on-demand, or moto_hot_plug for every profile.

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