SET CPU and processor temp


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Jul 9, 2010
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CPU Temp Sensor: Detected
CPU Temp: 365 °C (689.0 °F)
Frequency : 300000 KHz
Load Avg : 0.39 1.22 1.24 2/1214 10623

Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l)
is this processor temp normal, its way higher then any other temp I have ever seen, had the d4 for few months now, rooted, stock ics rom,...
I have never really checked it before but now it just caught my eye cuz I was playing around with speed and battery management using different ram settings and now using CPU speeds but this is with default set CPU settings, 300min 1200max, ondemand.. etc

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Either I'm not well informed enough, or cpus work on some temperature scale I don't know about, or there's a bug....

But a cpu with a temp of over 600 degrees fahrenheit has to be a mistake. My cpu gets hot (over 100 degrees) If I've been doing some hardcore system stuff on it, but 600? How is it not on fire? Or melted?

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Just checked mine. Setcpu says it's running at 315C/599F. Wonder if it's not reading it correctly because like gigajake said that really doesn't seem possible.

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exactly wat i mean seems very impossible as i am using at the moment to send this reply, phone is not hot, nothing unusual just very very odd...
is it type of phone?
like is there 2 processors or some heat sinks that radiate the heat away i dunno..i wanna crack it open but i shouldnt do so

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