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Nov 17, 2011
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I have a rooted D2G and travel extensively in countries where cell phone data rates are very expensive. I have a free cell phone app that 1st world users normally stream from our website. An average streaming session on the app is 26 minutes, streaming upwards of 500MB of data. I am now distributing this free app in 3rd world countries where data usage rates are extremely high. To stream our app could run as much as a month's wages in most of these countries. That is unacceptable.

What I want to do is use the Open Garden tether on my D2G to run my phone as a file server that users can connect to when I am with them and download the app and audio file to their cell phone for free. That way the audio data resides on their phone and they no longer have to stream it. I am currently testing Samba for this purpose. Are there other apps that will allow my D2G to function as a file server?

  • I have successfully used this combination to allow my computer to wirelessly access my SD card.
  • I can get other android phones to hook onto my Open Garden network, but for some reason their browsers will not accept the address Samba is using for my session ( The PCs are picking it up, no problem. Any ideas why the phones are not able to get any farther than the connection?
  • Also, How do I hide files on the SD card, so users who connect to this hot spot only see the files I want them to access?
Will Open Garden and Samba work on any rooted Android phone?

Is there and unrooted solution for this?

Is there a Bluetooth solution that would allow distribution of this app and audio file to go viral?

Thanks, Chelovek
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