sending sound files via text message


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Apr 7, 2010
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ive googled this quite a bit, ive found a couple old threads about this... 2009ish stuff. can someone help me?
GOAL: I want to send my eurotrip mail motherFer sound to my gfriend who has an EnV2.
TRIED: 1. Installing Handcent.
ACTION: I selected "Attach" and chose my file.
EFFECT: Sending icon just shows (for hours, i let it sit for 3)
RETESTED ACTION: i attached the smaller "Droid" sound.
EFFECT: Same as before
2. Installing chompSMS.
ACTION and EFFECT totally the same as Handcent.
3. Send Sound Via Email to Sms.
ACTION: Went to Astro chose my file, chose Gmail,
"TO: **********"
EFFECT: Got the message but with the sound "[removed]"
PHONE: Moto Droid
Froyo Bugless Beast v0.3
Connection status is 4 bars and have 3g icon.