Self-Hypnosis for Weight Control – Control Your Weight With Self Hypnosis!


Jun 11, 2010
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Self-Hypnosis for Weight Control
Control Your Weight With The Incredible Power Of Self Hypnosis!

“Motivate your subconscious mind to [FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]control[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=inherit ! important] [FONT=inherit ! important]your[/FONT][FONT=inherit ! important]weight[/FONT][/FONT]! You will be amazed on its effect.”
– David J. Marvick, CHt Do you have the following experience?
You want to lose weight. Your [FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]weight [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]loss [/FONT][FONT=inherit ! important]goal[/FONT][/FONT] is clear. You are determined to achieve it, and nothing is going to stop you! You stick to your plan – and the weight loss is impressive! You feel that this time, the weight loss will be permanent, and you are going to keep going until you reach your goal. Then, as time goes on, the rate of weight loss slows down; you [FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]lose [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]weight[/FONT][/FONT] more and more slowly, and may even gain a bit at some point. And suddenly, it isn’t quite as easy to stay motivated any more. You failed at this stage. You need a motivator to keep you insist on. We provide a tool for you.
Self-Hypnosis for Weight Control helps you boost your unconscious determination and resolve back to those initial compelling levels, where you feel confident that you can achieve your weight goal. Your subconscious mind can deal directly with the self-sabotaging part of you to help you eliminate poor, unhealthy eating patterns and replace them with new, positive, powerful patterns than help you lose weight and keep it off. Your subconscious mind has the power to end your struggles with food and weight loss and can help you learn to be in control of your cravings. Just keep this motivator and follow the steps. Hope you can success.
Product Features:
- Beautifully designed user interface and animation
- Playback progress control
- Built-in volume control
- Background brainwave setting
- Playback repeat setting
- Tips for quieting your mind
- Screen timeout control
This application is developed in collaboration with certified hypnotherapists and practitioners in the International [FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]Hypnotherapy [/FONT][/FONT]Association. Our Brainwave and Hypnotherapy products have helped many thousands of people all over the world regain control over stress symptoms, addictions, and bad habitual behaviors. Please note this is not an alternative to [FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]medical[/FONT][/FONT].
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Dec 27, 2010
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I just put the fork down. Its a great app

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