searching for GPS signal


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Jun 11, 2010
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Brooklyn Park, MN
I get a continous searching for GPS signal message when trying to use navigation, have checked settings, GPS should be on, and I am lost now as to how to proceed. Strictly stock, wouldn't know how to hack anyway. Back tomorrow, hopefully answered brilliantly. My Motorola Droid used to work OK when I got it, but maybe when it went to 2.1? it failed.
I experienced this also, while running on the stock 2.1 ROM. Even in apps like GPS status, it couldn't seem to get a fix. I always fixed it by rebooting the phone. It would get a fix immediately after that...
Have you tried a reboot? And if so maybe you need to do a factory data reset. Not the most convenient thing but might work. Log into google beforehand and your apps should automaticallly come back once you reactivate your phone.

Power off power on always works for me. If not do search there are numerous threads describing moving the phone in figure 8 pattern to lock GPS