SD card Kit Kat and moving files


Jan 26, 2010
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I have read a little about Kit Kat and SD cards. My problems is I have a music app that downloads songs and puts them into its own folder. I than can use ES file explorer or My files and move the music to my SD card folder labeled music. I can see the file with either file program on my sd card but when I open a music player it does not show up. All my previous music before Kit Kat is on my SD card and will play. I have used Samsung native music app and power amp. Power amp used to see my old music but as for today it says folder is missing SD ext. My understanding was once I moved it into my SD card the music player that came with my S4 could see the file. Stock S4 Verizon
Any help would be great. I just want to keep my music and photos and video on SD card. I don't care if I have to use stock players to make it work.

This is the new sdcard security at work. You need to perform a complete wipe of phone and sdcard. The new security will not allow apps to access the sdcard Skinner unless they're designated to do so. You should back everything up beforehand also. This has been an inconvenience to allot of users. Sorry your having issues
Found solution for my phone

Ive had the same problem with not being able to save music on my gs5 and using up all my internal.What ive been doing is I downloaded an app called "tubemate" and for some reason it lets you store files in a specific storage folder that is default in the app.It will only let you store music or video files so for other files I rename their extensions to avi or mp3 or such so I can store them there.I hope this helps it has saved me a lot of storage space and is the only thing that has worked for me and I came upon it by accident.
Thank you for your suggestions. I am able to save to my SD card with no problem. I can see the music and even play it through a file manager. I just can't get a music player to see the new music I added to the SD card. I may try formatting my SD card and place the music back on using a computer and see if that works.