sd card and screen capture


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Sep 13, 2014
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toshiba tablet
Toshiba 7 inch tablet with Kit Kat, purchased a few days ago.

Question: What is the method to show the files on the plug in SD card?

I found something that said to press buttons to lower sound and turn off power to capture a screen image. Then go to Settings -> SD CARD and it says total space is 30.16 GB and available is 29 GBytes.
When I try to see what is there it just looks back at me.
I would post a screen shot, but I read somewhere that its on the SD card and I cannot look at it.
A music player finds things I put there by connecting to my PC and copying data.

And all this because I start the Amazon App store and it to just looks at me. There is no place to sign in to my Amazon account and synchronize to get a video player.

Edit: Plugged the Toshiba in to my PC (Windows 7) and looked at the SD card, no screen shots there.