Screen rotation w/ 2.2?


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Aug 6, 2010
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Little Rock, Arkansas
I can't get my screen to rotate by turning the phone since 2.2. The only way I can find to rotate it is a mandatory rotation (no switch back and forth) by using the Settings>Display>Auto-Rotate Screen and it rotates to landscape, no other option.

I want it to rotate when I choose by rotating the phone. One of the 2.2 enhancements says that you can "rotate your screen 270 degrees-either to the left or to the right when moving from portrait to landscape mode-to work with apps in more directions." - BUT, they DON'T tell you how to do all that.

Does anyone know how to manage screen rotatioin? (Also, the user manual's reference to "orientation" is no longer available with 2.2.)

Would appreciate any heip - I've looked everywhere I know to look.