screen flickering after mr2 leak update!


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Feb 28, 2010
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i loaded the MR2 leak two days ago and now my phone has the most annoying screen flicker. Any time a app is open and you scroll through it, it will flicker. it did not do this before the update. i have tried to get back to stock software but every time i try it says "main version older". I am not rooted
If you're gonna flash experimental radios, at least be rooted.....

No lol, all you have to do is download that zip for returning back to stock froyo on the thunderbolt, Google is your friend. Its about 500mb, and goes on the root of your sdcard named PG05IMG, doesn't have to be caps. Then reboot into HBOOT (power and volume down when phone is off) and it should check out the file and ask if you wish to update. Volume up for yes and bam, you'll soon be back to mr1. Unfortunately, that's the only way (I know of) and you'll lose your apps and contacts and all that, it'll be like getting a new phone again lol.

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By the way, mr2 tends to brick phones, among other things. Flash mr2.5 next time... or now instead of losing everything.

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