Screen comes on in pocket when on bluetooth call.


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Nov 26, 2009
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New York State
I have a non-rooted Droid with FRG22D. This might be the first time I have used my bluetooth headset since getting the update to FRG22D, so this might be a 22D issue with bluetooth. When my Moto H715 headset is connected to the phone via BT, with the screen sleeping and the phone in my pocket, the screen wakes up when initiating or receiving a call. This allows the icons to be pressed by my pocket and it will go to speaker or turn BT off.

I tried a few things to see what the problem is. This has never happened before and I have used the same headset and my S305 many times this year without a problem. When we got home, I put the phone on the table and made a BT call to my wife's phone, with my hand covering the proximity sensor. The screen came on and any of the icons could be pushed. I thought that the proximity sensor might have failed, so I turned off BT and made a normal phone call. When I put the phone to my ear or put my hand over the top of the phone, the sensor worked fine. I tried this several times to make sure.

I then shut down the phone and pulled the battery and tried again and the same thing happens. If I make a BT call, allow the screen to come on and then turn it off with the ON/OFF button, then it stays off and everything is fine. However, that defeats the usefullness of BT, as I would have to take the phone out of my pocket, turn the screen off and then put it back in my pocket again.

Has anyone seen this behavior, especially since FRG22D.