Save Mobile Data With Opera Browser's New Update!


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Oct 6, 2011
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I am fortunate enough to have a grandfathered unlimited data plan. I have had this plan for about 7 years. Many of you have already converted to a tiered data plan. I really couldn't imagine having to share a few gigs of data with my family members. We are all data hogs so a tiered data plan would not go over well in my house. Going over on your data can become pretty expensive very quickly.

To remedy this worry the Opera Browser has added a few unique features. Videos are one of the largest data sucks on the internet. Opera's new update includes a video compressor. This means you are watching all your online videos at lower quality which in turn saves data. Opera also says that this will limit the amount of buffers you see while watching video. Another feature includes a feature to add web apps to your homscreen. Head to the playstore for the update.

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